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How to contribute

All articles are welcome; however, we are specifically interested in the following: 

  • Flexible framework – how your school adapted to local needs/context 
  • Assessment – developing learning goals and success criteria with students 
  • Approaches to learning – how students monitor and document on the development of the skills
  • Collaborative planning – unique ways that your school finds the time to collaborate 
  • Continuous school improvement – how your school supports and reflects on your five-year plan 
  • Feedback to students – how you feedback to students and support them to feedback to their peers 
  • Leadership – how your school builds leadership in a learning community 
  • Learning spaces – how do you involve students in the design of learning spaces 
  • Well-being – how you build well-being into your lesson plans 
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion – how your school supports and embraces the new statement  

Please read our blog guidelines before submitting the form below.  

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