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Programme Resource Centre launched

Programme resource rentre launched to replace the resources libraries on the OCCprc-update-eng

We launched the programme resource centre [beta version] in September. The website will eventually replace all the libraries of programme resources that are currently found on the Online Curriculum Centre (OCC).

You will use the programme resource centre for fast and efficient search and navigation for the programme materials you need for your IB role. Once fully launched, you can find the centre by logging in to My IB on where you will find the Programme Resource Centre alongside the other IB systems you can access via My IB, like IBEN Central, and My School.

What’s included in the beta version?

The beta site will initially include content for the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and is currently accessible through the MYP pages of the current OCC. We are launching it in beta so that we can make quick improvements as we gain feedback from users to improve presentation and usability.

Eventually, you will find all the resources for all four IB programmes in the programme resource centre. As with the MYP resources, content for the other programmes will be phased into the site from the end of 2016 and into 2017.

When will the OCC be completely phased out and what happens to the forums and teacher resource exchange?

You can continue to use the OCC in parallel with the programme resource centre until the other components of the OCC—the forums and teacher resource exchange—have been fully developed and made available to schools in new, more user-friendly formats. We will keep you updated in this newsletter and through other channels as we make improvements to the ways you access resources and interact and share materials with your peers across the IB community.

Help us make it the best tool for finding IB resources

You can provide feedback by clicking on the survey which will pop-up when you visit the programme resource centre, this will help our development team. Find the programme resource centre in the MYP area of the OCC.