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How I found what my college experience was missing

What do social causes and activities add to university life? Emily Paglicci, a Diploma Programme (DP) graduate from Carrollwood Day School, wanted more out of her college experience. At American University, USA, she found a way to give back to the community by joining EagleTHON, an organization that raises funds for accessible children’s healthcare.

DP students led a day of activities for children with disabilities

Bringing different nationalities together

The Lycée Technique du Center in Luxembourg explains how it integrates students from all over the world successfully—and three alumni share their experiences The Lycée Technique du Center (LTC) in Luxembourg holds a special position in the country’s educational system. Luxembourg is a multicultural country with 48 per cent foreign nationals, comprising 170 different nationalities. […]

Dimitirina Trendafilova

Empowering through knowledge

By Dr Dimitrina Trendafilova It was my first lesson after the 2018 summer holidays with the second-year students in one of the Diploma Programme (DP) chemistry classes and I was eager to know how they spent the summer holiday. They all looked grown-up. I asked them to write down their personal “mission statement” and to discuss in small […]

A survivor tells her story at the Reconciliation Village

What we learned from reconciliation in Rwanda

Twenty-five years on from the Rwandan genocide, three students share their experiences of visiting a country that has managed to rebuild itself “We were all extremely nervous getting off the plane in Kigali in Rwanda. We were as prepared as a group of teenagers could be: we had viewed and discussed Hotel Rwanda, Kinyarwanda and […]

Mohammad Bedour

Raising the profile of student-athletes in Jordan

By Anne Louise Williams Amro Al Wir (aged 17) and Mohammad Bedour (aged 18) have dreams and aspirations of competing at the Summer Olympic Games in Paris 2024. The World Academy of Sport (WAoS) recently caught up with these two student-athletes from the Amman Baccalaureate School (ABS), both recently representing Jordan at the Youth Olympic […]