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Study of critical thinking reveals positive outcomes for IB students

New research released today investigates critical thinking and learning outcomes associated with Theory of Knowledge, the Diploma Programme’s signature course that centers on critical thinking and inquiry into the process of knowing.

The research, “Theory of knowledge (TOK): Exploring learning outcomes, benefits and perceptions,” shows that Diploma Programme students are more confident in their ability to use critical thinking skills than their non-IB peers, and that DP students envision their future educational success more positively.

Researchers at the University of Western Sydney implemented two widely used measures [the California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory and the Self-Efficacy for Critical Thinking Scale] to assess and compare critical thinking skills of DP graduates and non-DP graduates who were completing their first year of university study.

Australian DP students enrolled in TOK were assessed with the Critical Thinking Strategies Scale to determine their use of critical thinking skills when confronted with new information.

Read the full study or the research summary