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“This is big, it’s something innovative” – new video shows enthusiasm for MYP eAssessment


Hear student feedback filmed just after they had finished the two-hour on-screen examinations

In preparation for the full launch of MYP eAssessment in 2016, the new on-screen examinations were piloted with 68 IB World Schools and over 2,000 students earlier in 2015. IB World Schools in China, Jordan, Spain, USA and Canada took the additional step—as pioneers and ambassadors for MYP eAssessment—of contributing to a new video about the experience. The video captures authentic student stories filmed just after they had finished the two-hour on-screen examinations. This timely footage gives a glimpse of what the new exams offer to MYP students.

“Students enjoyed interacting with the on-screen exam.”

This is the first thing a coordinator who participated in the May live pilot of MYP eAssessment noticed. In the new video, she goes on to say that eAssessment is:

“…big, it’s something innovative.”

All students who took part in the pilot also had the opportunity to provide feedback using the reflective journal. Initial analysis of the reflective journals shows a comparable enthusiasm as those students captured on video. Students were happy with the many tools and challenging tasks that made the on-screen examinations an engaging and rich exam experience. A typical student reaction in the live pilot of MYP eAssessment: “The tasks themselves were rich and cool; much more interactive and pleasing than any written text can ever be!”

We hope that the video will be a useful tool for coordinators and teachers as they discover what eAssessment has to offer them. One coordinator explained: “The majority of our candidates had a wonderful experience in this well-designed, user-friendly examination package … We think that this experience has already given them a taste of what on-screen examination is … And most importantly, it has also offered teachers a better picture about the new MYP assessment … We think this is a very successful trial.”

Ashish Trivedi MYP School Services Manager in IB Asia Pacific was present during the live pilot and filming in some schools in China, “I was highly impressed with how smoothly the school was able to conduct the on-screen eAssessments. It was fascinating to see how comfortable students were with the interface. Throughout the examination, not a single student had questions about the user interface and/or navigation.”

Along with this video, there are a variety of resources available in the digital toolkit to support schools and educators who are interested in this exciting new element of the Middle Years Programme. Please use this video to help students, parents, teachers, administrators, officials and community members better understand the benefits of MYP eAssessment. Feel free to also include the video in your own presentations, link to it in social media posts, or simply embed it on your website.

Preparing for full launch of MYP eAssessment in 2016 

what is eassessment iphoneValuable data from marking the May eAssessment live pilot, combined with feedback from students and schools, will be used to prepare for full launch of eAssessment in 2016. The first specimen on-screen examinations will be published on the programme resource centre in September. MYP schools that need more information are welcome to attend online eAssemblies, exploring the ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of eAssessment. The eAssemblies will take place on 2-3 September, 2-3 October and 4-5 November. Register here for one or all of these cost-free eAssemblies.

Registration for the first full MYP eAssessment session in May 2016 opens on 20 September. IB World Schools can register candidates using the IB Information System (IBIS).