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IB learners are collaborative and motivated community members

A new video library is available to on YouTube and Vimeo to help your community discover and share the IB experience.  This series introduces viewers to a global network of engaged, passionate teachers and learners, working toward a common goal; education for a better world.

The series includes four vignettes on how IB programmes develop confident, independent learners who are prepared to become leaders within their communities. IB World Schools are encouraged to share this resource!

Hear from students, alumni and teachers how a DP education is applied in everyday life. The unique experiences of the DP prepare students to be successful for themselves and others.

Listen to students tell how they’ve become more self-sufficient and aware of their abilities in the MYP. The programme encourages the development of communication and leadership skills.

Hear from PYP educators on the importance of student-centred learning and fostering self-motivation. These two aspects improve the quality of the learning experience and outcomes.

CP students and teachers share how the programme combines professional and academic learning, and increases global awareness. This approach prepares students for collaboration and problem solving in the workplace.

Do you know of another great video or story that shows how IB student support their local communities? Send us the link by leaving a comment below or by tagging us on twitter @iborganization.