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MYP winners! Academic honesty poster competition

In 2016, we invited students from the Middle Years Programme (MYP)Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP) to take part in the Academic Honesty Competition. Students were asked to submit a poster or short film either individually or as part of a team. The results were outstanding and the standard of films and posters was exceptional. Choosing the winners was a very difficult task for our panel of judges but we are delighted to share with you the winning entries along with an interview with those winners. A huge thank you to all those students who participated in this competition with such enthusiasm.

We spoke to Sebastián Cruz Espinoza de los Monteros from Colegio Williams de Cuernavaca, and winner of the MYP poster category to see what he thought about winning and why he felt academic honesty was an important topic.


Why do you think that academic honesty is important?

Because you have to try hard, you have to focus on achieving your goals and you have to strive for better grades, without just copying what your classmates do.

How did your parents and teachers react when you told them you had won?

I actually found out that I’d won after they did. One day in December, I went out with them because I thought they were only going to get some paperwork, but they took me to the library where all of my teachers were waiting and then they told me. They were all happy and proud.

What do you think you have learned from this experience?

I have learned that you really must work hard to get good results, that you have to go for it if you want to achieve your goals, and that you must not take credit for others’ work.