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Free support webinars for IB World Schools

Here is a selection of the free webinars available to support IB World Schools and educators.

You may need to add a Webex extension to your browser to view the webinars, but follow the simple instructions when you click on one of the links below—the links work best using the Firefox browser.


1. Welcome to new heads of schools and coordinators

This is an introduction to a series of webinars designed to support heads and coordinators who are new to the IB, including information on the implementation of IB programmes. Play webinar >>

You can also join the live #IBChat, held every second month starting June 2018 which gives you an opportunity to ask questions and get answers on the implementation of an IB programme. Interested? Contact us for more details.

2. Preparing for your school’s evaluation

Is your school preparing for evaluation in 2018? Pre-evaluation webinars provide additional information and guidance as schools prepare. It is particularly helpful for those schools preparing for their first evaluation, but it is relevant for all schools. There are two webinars: 1) Information on preparing for an evaluation (by programme) and 2) creating a schedule for an evaluation.

For the Primary Years Programme (PYP) pre-evaluation Play webinar >>

For the Middle Years Programme (MYP) pre-evaluation Play webinar >>

For the Diploma Programme (DP) pre-evaluation Play webinar >>

For all IB programmes: Primary (PYP) and Middle Years Programmes (MYP), Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP). Creating a schedule for evaluation. Collaboratively designing a timetable for visitors during an evaluation visit is vital in supporting IB educators and their ability to review alignment and understand context. This webinar reviews strategies supporting the creation of a schedule for evaluation. Play webinar >>


3. Creating a strategic action plan

Strategic planning provides schools with an opportunity to focus on future initiatives which drive school improvement. This webinar supports the development and sustainability of action plans supporting the evaluation process.

For both the Primary (PYP) and Middle Years Programmes (MYP) Play webinar >>

4. Inclusion and learning diversity

Creating an inclusive school culture and learning environment provides students with a safe and supportive space. The inclusive philosophy of IB programmes encourages schools to provide such environments, catering for the diverse needs of students and their families. This webinar is the first in a suite of presentations, sharing insight into what an inclusive school looks like.

For all IB programmes: Primary (PYP) and Middle Years Programmes (MYP), Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP) Play webinar >>

5. Ensuring the integrity of IB assessments

This webinar supports the processes for integrity in IB assessment.

For the Middle Years (MYP), Diploma (DP) and Career-related (CP) Programmes Play webinar >>

6. How online workshops support school strategy

Take an hour to find out how online workshops can support your school’s strategic plan. The next session of workshops that starts 27 June, registration closes 5 June 2018.

Play webinar >>


7. DP mathematics and DP language and literature:  A curriculum review

A two-part webinar examining the latest courses for DP mathematics and language and literature.

For the Diploma Programme (DP) Play webinar >>

8. Strengthening IB programme implementation

A series of webinars reflecting upon learning science and alignment with IB standards. Supportive of schools engaging the evaluation process, leaders seeking to enhance programme alignment and/or educators wishing to innovate.

Foundations of human thinking Play webinar >>

Learning trajectory Play webinar >>

Strengthen programme implementation (2016) Play webinar >>

Strengthening programme implementation (2016): C2 Written Curriculum Play webinar >>

Strengthening programme implementation (2016): C3 Teaching and Learning Play webinar >>

Strengthening programme implementation (2016): C4 Play webinar >>

We hope you find these useful. Tell us about other topics where we can provide support in this way.