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Four CP graduates share their journey

How do students shape their studies through the Career-related Programme (CP)? Four graduates tell us how the CP helped them reach their goals.

Alexis Thompson, CP graduate

Alexis Thompson

Alexis began her IB journey in the Diploma Programme (DP) and became one of the first students to join the Career-related Programme (CP) at Hardaway High School, US.  She tells us how the CP helped her grow as a person and seek out new opportunities at every turn. She now serves her local government working for the mayor of the City of Columbus, Georgia. 

Clara Saez, CP graduate

Clara Sáez Calabuig

Clara joined the learning community at the International School of Geneva to complete the CP. Having moved from Spain, she tells us how she worked tirelessly to improve her English skills, build confidence and discover the importance of taking risks. She learned to value every subject for its uniqueness and recognize how each aspect of her studies has brought something new to the table.

Ganesh Annan, CP graduate

Ganesh Annan

Driven by the CP’s flexibility, Ganesh tells us how the programme fueled his desire to “never stop learning” and pursue his goals. He reflects on staying focused, striving for constant improvement, and discusses his designs for a course selection tool for university students.

William Micklewright, CP graduate

William Micklewright

Coming to the UK from France, William completed the CP at the Anglo European School.  He loved the strong sense of community in the CP at his school and the focus on career development opportunities with local businesses.William tells us about time management, teamwork, and heading to university. He encourages current students to be proactive and dedicated to success.

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