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Developing your professional self

Each year we invite IB alumni to share their experiences after the Diploma Programme (DP). These graduates share their perspectives on professional development and helping guide you through choosing a career, internships and other skills for the workforce.

Female Video and Sound Editor Works With Her Male Colleague on a Project on Her Personal Computer with Two Displays. They Work in a Creative Loft Office.

Studying the IB is great for understanding the world inside of your classroom but, it also teaches you useful skills relevant in the real working world. These Diploma Programme (DP) alumni share their perspectives on in the workforce by sharing the soft skills that supported them after graduation and other useful advice for finding and utilizing work experience to find your career.

Choosing a career

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Can’t decide what to choose after school? The answer may require a bit of exploration

Vienna Tran shares her perspective on how exploring within your IB curriculum may help interact with new communities, discover new passions and develop a career path.

Leveraging soft-skills from the IB curriculum

The job hunt: Making the most of your experience

Ayesha Rashidi offers practical advice to DP graduates searching for a job or internship in university. Most importantly, highlight the skills and experiences from CAS & make the right connections.

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Speaking up for yourself

Sally Runions shares how she used self-advocacy, a soft-skill she picked up from the DP, at university when she felt she wasn’t being challenged with her introductory-level chemistry class.

Interdisciplinarity and ingenuity

Elise Burgert shares the value and impact of interdisciplinary studies in her DP education and how it set her apart in her industry and strengthened the skills she uses at work.

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Lessons from a DP grad at 40 years: Part one—to current students

Tara McCook ruminates on how her IB education helped expose her to many different world perspectives–something that prepared her for her first business trip abroad.

Understanding internships & networks

The power of your network

Matthew Ferby shares his tips for creating and maintaining professional relationships to help build your career in a competitive work force after completing your IB education.

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The tricks and trades of internships

DP grad Anna Zarotiadou has had her fair share of internships. She’s here to break down why those work experiences are important and how to get and keep an internship.

The Job hunt: Making the most of your experience

DP grad Ayesha Rashidi offers valuable advice on how you can bulk up your resume by incorporating the skills you picked up while completing your CAS project.

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Skills & advice for the workforce


Bridging the gap: insight for the graduated intern

Alumna Andrea Short shares her perspective on transitioning from an internship to a career and the importance of using networks and resources to help you connect the dots.

The power of a back-up plan

Berit Braun shares how a back-up plan helped her re-evaluate what she was looking for and find better opportunities to fit her needs.

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Engineering a career change: Applying your skills to a new field

Sally Runions shares how she used her existing skill set to transition an unused degree into a career she loves and shares how you can do the same.

Learning another language

Johan Byttner shares the benefits of learning another language for your brain, building interpersonal relationships and more.

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Diversifying yourself by being a jack of all trades

Gözde Duru Aksoy offers insight into why expanding your skill set can help foster new ideas and connections in seemingly unrelated areas.

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