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Managing MYP e-assessment in a global crisis: TNS Beaconhouse, Pakistan

Managing MYP e-assessment in a global crisis: TNS Beaconhouse, Pakistan

This has been an unprecedented year for schools, students and educators all over the world. The global disruptions to education due to the pandemic have had an impact on schools, educators and students worldwide. In this story, we spoke with IB World School TNS Beaconhouse in Lahore, Pakistan about the challenges they had to overcome […]

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Bringing student choice to assessment

Well-designed, student-led assessments can enhance self-efficacy and promote self-regulated learning. IB World Magazine talks to our Learning in Assessment Manager, Wendy Choi about best practice.

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The power of internal assessments

With the cancellation of May exams due to COVID-19, a lot of IB students are wondering how two years of their work will be assessed and graded. Paul Campbell, Head of Development and Outreach, turned to his best source on the IB experience: his daughter, Sarah, a Diploma Programme (DP) graduate.

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Allowing students to make mistakes does not make one a bad teacher- understanding learning beyond grades

Research in neuroscience and the psychology of learning in the last decades has persistently demonstrated the immense plasticity of the brain, the importance of the adolescent years for the development of higher order cognitive abilities and the inherent nature of practice and struggle for growth function (Hohnen & Murphy, 2016). So why do we still […]

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10 steps to becoming an IB Examiner

Are you interested in marking students’ work? Have you ever considered applying to become an IB Examiner? To give you a better idea of what the recruitment process looks like, take a look below:

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Should exams be scrapped?

In the digital age where knowledge recall has become less important, the role of exams is being called into question. We discuss their future “Exams don’t assess abilities, they merely provide a snapshot of the knowledge an individual has been able to retain at that given point in time,” wrote Peter T Howe, Principal of UWC […]


Behind the scenes of MYP assessment

Have you ever wondered how MYP exam papers are marked? We asked our assessment team to map out the journey taken by Middle Years Programme (MYP) exams once a student has completed them. Take a look below. Related posts: How will we assess students in the future? How happens to your DP exam paper? The […]