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Preparing for the May exams session

Examinations are a test for both teachers and students.

Teachers spend a great deal of time reviewing the syllabus and prepping students.

Meanwhile students have to study hard, cope with their nerves at the crucial point and then anxiously await their exam results.

That is why the IB offers a helping hand to these students and teachers in the form of:

 The examination paper and markscheme pack

This resource consists of past exam questions to help teachers prepare testing materials for students, and students to be prepare for the big day.

The pack includes:

  • the most recent past Diploma Programme exam questions
  • markschemes for all six Diploma Programme subject groups
  • an easily accessible navigation system (in English only).

Additional advantages:

  • examination papers available in multiple languages
  • only one copy per school required (network license).

For more information, visit our most recent examination paper and markscheme pack (November 2013) webpage.

And for all those students thinking that sleeping with a book or lucky horse shoe under their pillow will do the trick, here are some wise words that are still true after two millennia.

“Practice is the best of all instructors”

(Publilius Syrus 1st century BC)

 Nothing can replace honest, hard work and dedicated study for exams in order to succeed.

We wish both students and teachers the best preparation and good luck for their upcoming May exams.

The IB Publishing team


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