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You can take that question to the bank!

Coming up with good questions for preparatory or mock exams can be a challenging chore at times.

But console yourself that even the most cunning men have struggled with seemingly simple questions.

“Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration”

(Thomas Edison, American inventor, 1903)

Unfortunately the time for perspiration is something which few IB Diploma Programme teachers and coordinators have on their hands. That is why the IB has devised our Questionbank series to help out.

The Questionbank system offers customized tests, examination papers, and mark entry spreadsheets, using authentic Diploma Programme examination questions.

Questionbank features include:

  • hundreds of IB Diploma examination questions, tailored to the latest course requirements
  • the facility to build student records and monitor student progress over time
  • automated question numbering, and mark calculation and markscheme quote
  • ability to easily create tests and examinations without having to cut and paste from past papers.

Online Questionbank databases are available for maths, biology, chemistry, physics, history, philosophy, geography and many more. Visit the IB store for more information.

We wish our IB Diploma Programme teachers and coordinators all the best with their preparations.

The IB Publishing team