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Ten steps to MYP personal projects

Updated 13 March 2018

For the registration of MYP candidates for personal project moderation, here is some useful information about the process for registering your candidates:

Who needs to register?

In MYP schools with year 5 of the programme, all students must complete the personal project.

When do I need to register my students?

For the external moderation session in November, all students in MYP year 5 must be registered by 20 April. For the May session, the first registration deadline is 20 October.

Take a look at this timeline to see what you can expect and when you can expect it over the coming year.

Where do I complete the registration process?

Log into the IB Information System (IBIS), go to the candidate area and select candidate registration, then follow four steps: 1. Complete personal details of the candidate, 2. Confirm session details, 3. Confirm subject (select MYP personal project), 4. Submit registration. (see additional useful registration information here.)

What other resources are available?

We have outlined ten steps to MYP personal projects for you to download and share, or post it on your school noticeboard, as you prepare for MYP personal projects. Click on the image below.



Find out more about MYP projects here. Questions? Please contact IB Answers.