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From student to educator: an IB transition

An IB alumna and now an aspiring IB educator, Nina Dugand Roman was born in the United States and grew up in Colombia, where she graduated with the IB Diploma from the British International School. After graduating from the University of Lima with a degree in psychology, Nina became a librarian for the Primary Years Programme (PYP) at Altair School in Lima. She is now pursuing a second degree to become an IB teacher. Nina shares her experiences as both an IB student and a librarian in a PYP school.

IB alumna Nina Roman now works as a librarian at the Altair School in Lima, Peru.

IB alumna Nina Dugand now works as a librarian at the Altair School in Lima, Peru.

What was your most memorable experience while you were an IB student?

I lived in Colombia and attended a school where all the students were taking the IB Diploma Programme (DP). The most memorable experience for me was the challenge. Suddenly, I was stimulated and I felt my brain come alive and make connections between ideas, facts and theories. I loved learning and most importantly, I loved questioning how I learn, what influenced that process and how I could actually change the way I think. The DP helped me push myself to try new things, like participating in the Model UN.

What has the transition been like from being an IB student to working in an IB World School?

My mother worked in an IB school and I would hear her talk about the PYP because she taught 5th grade. It felt bizarre, because all I knew was the DP. When I started working as a PYP librarian, I discovered what the IB world was really about. As the librarian, I can work with the entire programme of inquiry and have the liberty to make connections, not only between subjects in one grade, but between grades. Overall, the transition has felt like a good fit since I was already part of the IB community.

Right now I work in a PYP school, but my goal is to continue to learn about the different programmes the IB has to offer. I’m interested in how the PYP is implemented and adapted in different school settings. My biggest desire right now is to become an IB teacher.

Why are you interested in studying to become an IB teacher?

I originally studied psychology at university because I was fascinated about how people function. Now I am passionate about how people learn. The entire process is amazing! It requires so many aspects that cannot be examined from afar, but rather close up in the classroom. I am currently working in the library until I get my teaching degree, then I plan to start teaching. I also plan to travel so I can learn more about other teaching methods and cultures. My biggest desire is to become an IB teacher and really learn about all of the programmes. I hope to help others become critical thinkers and promote change in those around me.

Contributing author Kari Lorentson is writing about the experience of IB graduates at universities around the world. Lorentson studies at American University and previously attended Fishers High School. Contact her at [email protected].

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