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The lifelong learner in me

By Faten Serhan for World Poetry Day 2018

As a lifelong learner I begin,
To develop vital skills and attitudes within.
There are concepts and knowledge that I gain,
And through my actions I can explain.

Through my perspective, myself I express,
And all my connections seem to progress.
I reflect on the world and how it keeps changing,
Causation, form and function; it’s so engaging!

I am a reflective thinker and a balanced learner,
Very caring, a risk-taker and a curious observer.
Principled, knowledgeable and open-minded is what I’ll be,
A communicator and inquirer represent me.

Through commitment, enthusiasm and appreciation,
I learn respect, empathy, and cooperation.
Through creativity, integrity and lots of confidence,
I gain tolerance, curiosity and independence.

In PYP, I’m the one that does believe,
There’s a lifelong learner deep in me.

Faten Serhan is an English coordinator in the IB World School Asamiah International School in Amman, Jordan. Faten wrote this poem to describe IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) students and how they are lifelong learners using all the IB learner profile attributes, attitudes and using the PYP key concepts. She says ‘poetry is a form of literature which expresses ideas, thoughts and feelings. There are wondrous effects of poetry upon students in an engaging manner. Students at our school are exposed to poems, through which they gain understanding of new concepts and ideas. ‘The Lifelong Learner in Me’ reminds students of the attributes, attitudes, concepts and their importance to become lifelong learners’.