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What’s next? Alumni reflect on taking the non-traditional path after graduation

Each year we invite IB alumni to share their experiences, interests and advice with our global community in the graduate voices series. Here, Diploma Programme (DP) graduates share their experience with navigating unique university, education and career opportunities.

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The ‘traditional’ path after high school is not able fit the needs of every student. More and more students are looking to find a path that fits their needs in their own way. These Diploma Programme (DP) grads share their stories of why and how they found their paths, from choosing different approaches to university, taking a gap year and more. Check out their stories and see if your journey may also be on the non-traditional path.

University paths

Mind the gap: why a gap year should be on your list of options

Ernest Ng chose defer his university acceptance to connect with his family, re-evaluate his career aspirations and explore new things. He also shares how a gap year allowed him to re-charge, focus on his mental health and learn about himself.

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The road less traveled: community college and the non-traditional academic path

Vincent Blake opted to attend community college after graduating the IB. He shares why he chose community college and the benefits they offer, from passionate, engaged professors to being part of a diverse, hard-working group.

Your first university degree, the second time

For Johan Byttner, university the first time around was not the right fit. He pursued work-experience but still found a desire to learn. Johan shares his experience and advice for anyone considering going back to school.

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Career paths

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Why we should embrace change

After noticing changes in her industry, Maharani Hariga went back to university and left behind the security of a comfortable job in her field. She also shares her experience with pursuing her undergraduate degree abroad in Asia.

To hear more from Diploma Programme (DP) graduates check out these IB programme stories. If you are an IB grad and want to share your story, write to us at [email protected]We appreciate your support in sharing IB stories and invite you to connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter and now Instagram!

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