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What is the IB diploma? Ten stories for parents and students new to the IB

If you are new to the Diploma Programme (DP), whether you are a student, parent or educator, there’s a lot that can be unfamiliar. Learn more about the experiential components of the DP from our alumni.

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The acronyms explained

These 15 IB terms will help parents and guardians who want to support their child throughout their studies and students new to the programme to understand the IB.

In the classroom

Starting the IB DP can be feel daunting and unfamiliar but here are four notes to help new students navigate as they enter their first month in the IB.

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Global DP statistics

A series of global studies examining the IB DP has found that the DP has the potential to powerfully shape the lives of students who participate.

What universities see

Though there is no secret formula for the perfect application your dream college, these university admissions teams share takeaways from reviewing IB student applications.


What students remember

IB alum Paul Jeffries shares memorable aspects of the DP and says after all the exams and deadlines, it’s the learner profile that you remember most.

The alumni guide to the extended essay

Alumni share valuable insight from completing extended essay and offer advice for choosing a meaningful topic, developing critical research skills and more.

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Preparing for IB exams

A top scoring alumna Aseel Al-Nasser shares her six simple tips to help students stay focused and organized leading up to and during DP exams.

Parents: Why we chose an IB World School

Parents share their reasons for choosing IB programmes for their children. Among the reasons are opportunity, challenge and global mindedness.

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Choosing your DP subjects

Hear from university admissions officers and IB alumni to help you decide which DP courses fit your individual needs, interests and university and career aspirations.

Finding the best fit: New DP mathematics courses

This year, two new math courses have been added to the DP at both the SL and HL. You can compare the courses and learn more about topics covered in each here.

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To hear more from Diploma Programme (DP) graduates check out these IB programme stories. If you are an IB grad and want to share your story, write to us at We appreciate your support in sharing IB stories and invite you to connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter and now Instagram!

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