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Reinventing the framework of education

How will the nature of education change as we move towards the future? We compiled three perspectives from IB community members that examine the value of collaboration and its relevance in a post COVID-19 (Coronavirus) world.

Reinventing the framework of education

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic had a profound effect on global education, causing schools around the world to quickly shift to online learning. This experience has given educators the opportunity to reflect on the tools needed to create a meaningful experience for their students. Three educators share their thoughts on what teaching and learning will look like in the future and share their lessons learned.

The future of online learning

“Teachers and learners also collaborate and share in ways they didn’t before. They have to be very efficient with their time, so collaboration happens out of necessity as a result. That’s a benefit and a strength”.

IB curriculum manager for Innovation and Alignment Pilar Quezzaire explains how the shift to online learning is making teachers rethink what learning and teaching will look like in the long run.

“I’m intrigued to see how students will adapt to the changes of reverting back to face-to-face instruction”.

We hear from six educators who share the skills and experiences needed by teachers to educate their students post COVID-19.

What does the future of teaching look like?
Rethinking the first unit of inquiry as schools reopen: Q&A with Ali Ezzeddine

“This is a great moment to improve our practices and to think about teaching and learning with a new perspective”.

Primary Years Programme (PYP) educator Ali Ezzeddine highlights the most important topics that teachers should teach as they return to school.

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