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What is it like teaching in an IB World School?

University of the People scholarship recipient, Bukenya Vincent from Acorns International School shares what he likes about the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and how the scholarship will help him grow professionally.

Bukenya Vicent is an Individuals and Societies Middle Years Programme (MYP) teacher at Acorns International School. In this blog, he shares how the scholarship will help him achieve his professional goals and his experience teaching in an IB World School.

1. How will the UoPeople scholarship support your professional goals?

Since I started my studies at the University of the People, I have come to understand a lot about modern teaching and learning. From educational theories to curriculum design, I feel a great paradigm shift as far as my understanding of modern education is concerned. As a young educator, I strive to offer dynamic learning experiences for my students and I opt to seize every professional development opportunity that comes my way.

The University of People scholarship is one of those golden opportunities every educator wishes to get to improve their teaching practice. There is no doubt that I am already enjoying the professional benefits of this scholarship. For example, being taught by some of the best educators in the world will only enhance my professionalism in the education sector. Furthermore, this scholarship is going be a gate way to more professional growth and development, as we venture into 21st Century teaching and learning.

Bukenya together with his MYP colleagues from Acorns International School.
Bukenya together with his MYP colleagues from Acorns International School.

2. As an educator, what aspects of the Middle Years Programme (MYP) inspire you the most?

After I graduated from Makerere University with a Bachelor of Arts in Education, I got an opportunity to work at Acorns International School, one of the two IB World Schools in Uganda. The first few weeks were not a walk through the park, but the staff members at the school were very supportive. It was here that I was exposed to an IB education and started teaching Individuals and Societies.

Teaching the MYP at AIS has been an interesting journey. It’s amazing to see learners use content to understand big ideas (concepts), and the idea of teaching through key and related concepts puts the IB education in a very special place. The global contexts make learning even more meaningful because it helps learners do the following:

Helps learners see what they do in the classroom.

Translate it into real-life situations.

Which gives them a strong understanding and meaningful education.

The MYP Service as Action projects are edge cutting innovations in education. I have witnessed students demonstrate extraordinary skills when executing community projects, and this gives them the life experience that carries on with them even after leaving the school. The MYP curriculum has some cool and amazing features however, teaching and learning through concepts, global contexts and service as action projects are the most outstanding aspects of the MYP in my opinion.

3. What do you find most exciting about teaching within an IB World School environment?

Teaching in an IB World School is one of the most significant life experiences that has ever happened to me. Working with people from different parts of the world, cultural backgrounds and with people who speak different languages is one of the best ways to appreciate unity in diversity. It has been a great experience meeting people from different walks of life who share common values and aspirations. The multicultural aspects in an IB World School environment has been an exciting thing to experience.

Bukenya together with his MYP colleagues and Head of School Ms Ameena Lalani (bottom right)
Bukenya together with his MYP colleagues and Head of School Ms Ameena Lalani (bottom right)

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