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Victorian PYP Network

The Victorian PYP Network supports PYP schools inVictoria and Tasmania, Australia. A mission statement, developed in March 2006 states that “The Victorian PYP network seeks to model and foster the ideals and philosophy of the IBO through its actions and the provision of information, meetings and professional development opportunities that promote professional learning and encourage communication between members.”

There are currently over 40 member schools with membership drawn from candidate, authorized and evaluated schools across a range of education sectors – government, independent, Catholic, Islamic and Jewish.

Principals and PYP coordinators meet four times a year to explore and discuss a range of PYP-related issues and partake in professional development to support their roles. Classroom teachers and single-subject teachers meet after school twice a year at different schools to share best practice in a range of areas. An open schools fortnight occurs in the third term of each school year during which PYP schools open their doors for a two-hour session to enable teachers from other PYP schools to visit. Professional development to enhance pedagogy is provided on a regular basis. Educators such as Kathy Short, Kath Murdoch and Eric Jensen have provided professional development for teachers in both two-hour and whole-day sessions.

A network executive, elected by the members, works to support and enhance the development of the network. It consists of a chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, treasurer, chair of the principals group, chair of the coordinators group, chair of professional development and immediate past chair. Teachers are elected to these positions for a two-year tenure. An Annual General Meeting is conducted in February/March of each year.

For further information, contact Melissa Graham at: [email protected]