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transdisciplinary themes: who we are, where we are in place and time, how the world works, how we express ourselves, sharing the planet, how we organize ourselves

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Differentiation in a PYP classroom

The article gives an example of how the principles of Universal Design for Learning can be embedded into a unit of inquiry to purposefully differentiate for all students. The example is from a PYP 1 (age 6) classroom and looks closer at how the principles were used to differentiate mathematical education connected to the unit.

A transdisciplinary approach to a Grade 4 unit of inquiry

The article focuses on building a transdisciplinary approach to a unit of inquiry and how multiple perspectives enhance student understanding. Some initiatives towards including elements of the enhanced PYP are also detailed in the article. In this article, my attempt is to focus on the transdisciplinary approach to a unit of inquiry along with some […]