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Graduate voices throughout 2018

Twelve IB alumni from around the world shared their stories throughout the year as part of our series of graduate voices. They gave advice to current students, reflected on their DP experience, their accomplishments and adventures since graduation. They follow in the footsteps of our 2016 and 2017 contributors.

“It’s okay to be wrong and trip over in life as long as you shake it off, get back up and push on.”

Thea now works in the Project Management division of Ernst & Young. She enjoys volunteering with youth organizations and being an advocate for girls in STEM.

“It wasn’t my inability to organize my commitments, but the fact I was doing too much.”

Matthew has received a B.S. in Civil Engineering from North Carolina A&T State University and is now a graduate research assistant at Virginia Tech.

“Your passport says one thing—but you heart is international.

Sofia continued her studies with a bachelor’s in law at the University of Essex, UK and a master’s in intellectual property and Information law at King’s College London.

“It is amazing how a place can come alive in your mind just after hearing someone say, ‘I’ve been there, I’m sure you will love it too.’ ”

Halley Rose graduated from Indiana University, with degrees in French and environmental & sustainability studies.

“The DP furthered the broadening of my world perspective beyond simply what textbooks tell us to believe.”

Stephanie is at the University of Michigan as a pre-health student working toward her B.S. in Biology, Health and Society.

“I decided to get rid of all negativity and let my positive leadership skills kick in.”

Regina is continuing her university studies in Mexico with a major in economics after completing the IB.

“You will be intrigued at how much you will discover about yourself.”

After graduating the from IB diploma in 2014, Cynthia is now completing her undergraduate studies.

“Respecting other peoples´opinions goes hand in hand with respecting those people themselves.”

Since graduating with her IB diploma in Austria, Flora has continued her studies in law at the University of Vienna.

Safinah profile 300

“It’s the stress you put on yourself that weighs you down the most.”

Safinah has received a Bachelor of Biomedicine and Doctor of Dental Surgery from the the University of Melbourne and is currently a practicing General Dentist in Melbourne, Australia.

Marcel Wälde

“My IB diploma years have inspired me to question the narratives that art-historians have developed around the repository of visual artefacts”

Since graduating from the American School of Bombay, India, Marcel is now a student of art history at Heidelberg University, Germany.

Judy Chen

“‘International’ is not in the stuff–boarding passes, international schools … nor is it about being uncommitted to any country”

A graduate of Suzhou Singapore International School, China, Judy is in her final year of studies at Tufts University, Massachusetts.

Jun-Ting Yeung

“I enjoy knowing to the last detail how things happen and why things are the way they are.

A graduate of Yew Chung International School of Beijing, Jun-Ting is now a bio-medicine student at the University of Melbourne.

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