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Planning a creative response to a task organised and taught by students

From little ideas… big things grow!

Student agency, inquiry, mathematics, visual arts and escalating enthusiasm converge for a student created sequence of learning experiences, illustrating connections made and providing demonstrations of authentic learning. It started with an idea of students exploring the depth and diversity of places where mathematics is utilised in our world… I am teaching a class this year […]

Leonie McLaren, year 5 teachers, Santa Sabina College, Australia

Igloo inquiry goes beyond mathematics

This article illustrates how a year 5 class built an igloo out of milk cartons while working on area and perimeter. When the roof collapsed, great learning occurred by not only discussing resilience, but also exploring how to rebuild the model.

Flona Tauro, grade 5 homeroom teacher, Singapore International School, India

Inquiry in mathematics

This article focuses on how a fundamental mathematics concept can be learned in an enjoyable manner, through the celebration of Pi Day, thus, reinforcing the conceptual understanding and making real life connections.