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Supporting Children's Agentic Identities through the Approaches to Learning

Supporting Children’s Agentic Identities through the Approaches to Learning

This piece draws from experiences in an early childhood PYP context in Switzerland.  Reflections are shared on ways the Approaches to Learning have the potential to be powerful tools for supporting children’s agentic identities with a particular focus on environments, experts and teacher talk.  By Andrea Mills  Young children were invited to share reflections about what it means to be a RESEARCHER:   [...]
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Making real life connections in response to challenges

Making real-life connections to events strengthens students’ conceptual understanding across subjects, enabling them to transfer their learning and draw meaningful inferences. They develop a broader appreciation of what it means to be citizens of the world. It gives them an opportunity to connect with their learning, a sense of purpose to their experience and enables their voice to shine through. […]

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Responding to authentic student inquiry

There is intentionality behind setting up a meaningful provocation for inquiry. During this playful inquiry, children showed excitement in understanding school systems, demonstrated ownership of learning, and applied mathematical skills in a real context while collaborating with peers. Neev Academy, North Campus’ academic year kicked off with lots of hopes and possibilities for all the […]

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What Lies Beneath Learner Agency? Exploring the pedagogy that supports learner agency

This article explores the complexities of learner agency. It discusses some important pedagogical practices that support self-directed, mastery-driven inquiry. Learner agency is a key feature of the Enhanced PYP. As a community of educators, many of us are still working to create environments that support student agency. Recently, I’ve been imagining leaner agency, as the […]

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