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Empowered students for a better world

In this article, it is delineated how the PYP philosophy of engaging learning experiences, effective assessment and meaningful actions represents power for better communities thanks to empowered students. ENTREPRENEURSHIP IS NOT JUST FOR GROWN-UPS. Given the transdisciplinary theme: “How we organize ourselves” and its central idea: “People create organizations to solve problems and support human […]

Design thinking for school leaders to drive change

This article shares a process of how PYP school administrators and their change team used design thinking to adapt the primary school’s curriculum to stakeholder needs – including students, parents and teachers. The outcome of using this methodology included significant changes to both school culture and curriculum. Driving school change during PYP candidacy is a […]

Activating Parents to Develop Student Agency

Day-to-day life can leave little cognitive space for parents to consider the future-focused and transformational nature of the PYP. As the PYP moves forward in developing agency in the  Learners, the potential benefits of bringing our parent communities along with us as informed and active partners cannot be overstated. For those familiar with psychology, the […]

Rachel Echelbarger (left) and Kendal Reilly, Suzhou Singapore International School, China

The Art of Collaboration

This article shares how the Arts can spark passion and prepare students for the PYP exhibition when teachers and students collaborate.  As a Visual Arts Team, we started the year by reflecting on how to better enable our Grade 5 students for the PYP exhibition in Art classes. We decided to start the year with a […]

Samia Henaine, Makassed - Houssam Eddine Hariri High School, Lebanon

The Mathematics routines that cultivate learner agency

This article shares examples of how classroom routines could be one of the effective tools to foster learners’ agency and raise their voice and choice while learning mathematics. During the last months, the concept of “agency” has dominated the discussion between educators since it is one of new terminologies that appeared in PYP: From principles […]

Rob Grantham, Istanbul International Community School, Turkey

Partnering with parents for positive dispositions in mathematics

This article looks at how a Mathematics PD project at the Istanbul International Community School purposefully engaged parents, and discusses how we can leverage the diversity of our international school communities to help build positive dispositions toward Mathematics in our students.  We’ve all had them before, those conversations with parents that are difficult because “My […]