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Levi Allison, music teacher, Western International School Shanghai, China

Music for all

The article talks about the use of social media to connect what is going on in a single-subject classroom with the outside world. It illustrates how Twitter enabled the music teacher at an IB World School to share his lessons with music educators around the world.

Marcela Solórzano Ortega, PYP teacher, Gimnasio del Norte School, Colombia

Let’s change the world!

In this article you will read about fourth grade students choosing to contribute in the efforts of reducing the excessive use of single-use plastic, by giving advice to their families and reusing plastic caps to manufacture objects to cover some classroom needs.

Niamh Price, pre-K teacher, Suzhou-Singapore International School, China

Listening to learning: Agency in the early years

This article is based on an example of listening to learning within a pre-kindergarten classroom and how teachers tuning into student voices helped to shape the direction of our inquiry into the transdisciplinary theme of ‘How we express ourselves’.