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Allowing students to make mistakes does not make one a bad teacher- understanding learning beyond grades

By Wendy Choi, Learning in Assessment Manager, International Baccalaureate Organization. In a high school classroom where learning, assessment and feedback are developed with a fixed mindset, and in the context of a high-stakes assessment, we might occasionally come across a scenario like this: * Images released under Creative Commons CC0/ Public Domain Research [...]
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The misconception of comfort zones

Each year we invite IB alumni to share their experiences, interests and advice with our global community in the graduate voices series. We welcome Diploma Programme (DP) graduate Eman Elraie as she reflects on how she turned fears into strengths by stepping out of her comfort zone.

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Careers and ethics: what’s the story?

The Career-related Programme (CP) core’s reflective project is more than an in-depth body of work, involving independent research, high order thinking and exploration of original presentation formats. It is also an opportunity for students to take intellectual initiative and practice skills transferable to future academic and career settings.


Reaching new heights

At 6,962m above sea level, Aconcagua is one of the highest mountains in South America. Since the first recorded climb in 1897, there hasn’t been a girl under 15 who has reached the top. This was until February 2019 when Milenia Luna became the youngest woman to take on the challenge and succeed.

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Why I left the UK for an international life

Each year we invite IB alumni to share their experiences, interests and advice with our global community with the graduate voices series. Harriet Boston to reflects on how she left the UK and became a world traveller after growing up in a small village and graduating from Plymouth High School for Girls.