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approaches to rigour

Approaches to rigour

By Neil Bunting This is the third part of a three-piece post: CAR: Challenge, accountability, rigour – three key attributes that my school is focusing on this year. Rigour can have negative connotations, connected with cruelty and harshness, but rigour in education has nothing to do with tyranny, control or dictatorship. Rigour comes from the French […]


How does the CP contribute to future pathways?

The modern global economy increasingly requires highly qualified professionals with specialized skills.  And yet, too often, there is not enough skilled talent to meet the growing need in these emerging industries. One answer to this challenge could be high-quality career and technical education (CTE) like the IB Career-related Programme (CP). The CP combines the academic […]


Be a risk-taker and implement MYP eAssessments

By Angela Brassington Are we risk-takers? Implementing eAssessments for our students at Munich International School (MIS) was an exciting new challenge. Both students and parents very quickly understood that these assessments tested the student’s ability to apply understanding, rather than just memorising facts. Many were excited to be involved. Onscreen exams support inclusion and the […]

Jasmine Jackson-Irwin is a proud North Carolina native and recipient of the IB Diploma from <a href="" target="_blank">Parkland Magnet High School</a>.

The IB programme and becoming a life-long learner

We invited IB diploma graduates to reflect on post-IB life and offer perspectives on topics of their choosing.  This is the second article in a series by Jasmine Jackson-Irwin, one of this year’s cohort of alumni contributing authors. By Jasmine Jackson-Irwin An IB alumna, a liberal arts graduate, and a tech salesperson walk into a room. What do […]

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What is an IB diploma actually worth?

Looking back at the IB Diploma, International School of Indiana alumnus Paul Jeffries says: “What you won’t forget is the learner profile—not because you cling to it in your memory, but because it is a part of who you have become in your time as an IB student.”

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The power of social and emotional learning

Continuing the ‘mindfulness and wellbeing’ discussion from IB World magazine’s March 2016 issue, Jenny Mosley – former teacher, now trainer and author – talks about the power of social and emotional learning, and how her ‘Golden Model’ can promote self-esteem and self-confidence in PYP students

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IB learners develop skills for success

A new video library is available to on YouTube and Vimeo. The series includes three vignettes on how IB programmes encourage critical analysis, creative thinking and communication skills.

approaches to accountability

Approaches to accountability

By Neil Bunting This is the second part of a three-piece post: CAR: Challenge, accountability, rigour – three key attributes that my school is focusing on this year. “Accountability breeds response-ability” – Stephen Covey Who is accountable in schools? How many times have we heard someone say it’s not my job to do this or that? […]

“Adequate training is the only way to detect abuse”

Almost 50 per cent of teachers in international schools do not know how to detect child abuse, according to a recent survey. In the second article in the series, investigating child safeguarding, IB World magazine speaks to forensic psychologist Dr Joe Sullivan, about how educators can recognize if abuse is happening in their school and […]