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IB student conducts concert in Rome

Alexandre Veillerette is rather handy with a baton. In the Spring of 2018 he conducted over 50 of his fellow student musicians in a concert in front of a 550-strong audience at Rome’s famous arts centre Parco Della Musica. The 17-year-old, who studies on the IB Diploma Programme (DP) at St George’s British International School, […]

Nathaniel Katz

End of term prank with a curatorial twist

By Nathaniel Katz Following two years of intense art making in the visual arts course, my students celebrated their achievements with a final art exhibition. They spent the week prior to the vernissage curating their own shows, and with family and the school community in attendance inaugurated the exhibition, enjoyed each other’s hard work, and […]


Simple tips for building a team

Collaboration is a fundamental part of the learning experience and, here at the IB, we talk about it a lot. Whether it’s teacher collaboration, student collaboration, teacher-student collaboration, IB collaboration with our community of educators, parents, and other organizations and experts, the list goes on. We like to define collaboration as a social process of knowledge […]


DP Digital society is coming

Proudly telling the world about our innovative curriculum developments in our 50th anniversary year We are (in) the revolution.  The way that our world works, thinks and communicates is changing. Many of us (but not all) can easily tuck away much of human knowledge in our front pocket. On our screens flash centuries worth of […]