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Student is floating on air

Amir Abdou has won a chance to conduct his science experiment in zero gravity. He’ll experience lunar and zero gravity, as well as conducting experiments on-board a specially equipped aircraft—also known as the ‘Vomit Comet’.

Scholars Cup Barcelona Cobourg students with World Scholars Cup founder

World Scholar’s Cup success

IB students from Canada qualify for the Tournament of Champions Three Diploma Programme (DP) students from Cobourg Collegiate Institute (CCI), Ontario, Canada have reached the World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champions. The competition, which takes place over a series of rounds, aims to motivate students of all backgrounds to discover new strengths, practise new skills […]


Why we need to transform teacher appraisal

In a cooperative enterprise, we work efficiently and don’t get in each other’s way. But in a collaborative effort, we respect the diverse thinking of the group, realizing that each member’s contribution improves our end result in a way that wouldn’t have happened if we merely cooperated to ‘get the job done’.


Being international in America

For our series featuring graduate voices, alumnus Judy Chen reflects on her life as a student at Tufts University and what it means to be an international student.


Fostering global citizenship

Proudly telling the world about our schools in our 50th anniversary year Welcoming refugee children is at the heart of the International Community School’s mission, says its Principal Julie Allen In a world torn apart by conflict, one IB World School in Decatur, Georgia, US, has dedicated itself to bringing together refugee, immigrant and local […]

Lyford Cay MYP students

The harmony of mathematics and music

Two IB teachers reveal how an innovative interdisciplinary unit sparked curiosity in their students Middle Years Programme (MYP) students at La Côte International School in Aubonne in Switzerland, explored how mathematics can help explain our reactions to music. Here, Francesco Banchini, who was the school’s Director of Performing Arts, and Lynda Thompson, mathematics teacher and former […]

Drawing by the window

What did the extended essay do for you?

By Robin Julian Writing a 4,000-word research essay in the last year of high school is a remarkable accomplishment for many reasons. But how valuable is it really? We completed some research of our own with almost 400 DP graduates to find out more. The extended essay is highly regarded as a tool to help […]