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Wanted: New articles

For many schools, the next few weeks is the start of a new school year. How do you get ready for the new school year in a PYP school? How do you plan or design routines with your students? How do you set the tone for student engagement? How do you prepare the learning spaces [...]

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Mathematical Conceptual Understanding in the PYP

  In this two-part series a PYP coordinator describes a process to develop conceptual understanding in mathematics. Although the unit of inquiry is where a lot of talk occurs about conceptual understanding in the PYP, the development of big ideas should permeate all other areas of the programme in order to provide a holistic concept-driven [...]

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ISTE 2014

A member of the PYP development team, Cécile Doyen, attended the 2014 ISTE conference in Atlanta, USA. ISTE’s conference brings educators with different experiences and backgrounds together to share discoveries and learning stories and to connect themto a network of education resources.The conference format was interesting in presenting sessions designed partly as idea incubators and [...]

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Design cycle and UoI

A PYP coordinator narrates how grade 2 students used the MYP design cycle and command terms in working on their unit of inquiry task. Inquiry involves an active engagement with the environment in an effort to make sense of the world, and consequent reflection on the connections between the experiences encountered and the information gathered. [...]

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Wanted: IB educators for tech meeting

IB is looking for IB educators who are curriculum coordinators, learning specialists, and other educators  who are directly responsible for curriculum development and mapping in their schools to participate in a meeting scheduled for 9 – 11 February  2015 at the IB office in The Hague, Netherlands. These meetings will focus on mapping the skills, concepts, and approaches to teaching and learning across the [...]

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IB Americas Regional Conference 2014

In July the PYP development team joined nearly 2000 educators at 2014 IB Americas Regional Conference in Washington DC. The conference provided an opportunity to present the review process so far as it transitions from stage 4 (exploration of key themes) into stage 5 (programme development). During interactive breakout sessions attendees contributed to discussions sharing [...]

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