FAQs about the review

For queries on programme implementation, please contact ibid@ibo.org Frequently Asked Questions about the PYP review (updated January 2014): Why is the PYP being reviewed? The IB embarks upon a regular period of evaluation and review for all programmes to ensure that they remain distinctive, relevant and of the highest possible quality for current and future […]

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Review update

In 2012, the Primary Years Programme (PYP) entered into a comprehensive and rigorous seven-phase review process. The review offers an ideal opportunity for the IB to examine, enhance and strengthen the PYP curriculum framework at a time of fast paced change, when international-mindedness and access to a high quality primary education are more important than […]

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Vandana Parashar, PYP Coordinator at Pathways School, Noida, India

Unraveling the media

Highlights from “Unraveling the media” by Vandana Parashar. Central idea: Media helps us to communicate our ideas and feelings, and to wider audience, and also impacts our lives. On entering the classroom, students were surprised to find posters, banners and signposts hanging from different areas of the ceiling along with a radio, a TV cutout, […]

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Welcome to the new SharingPYP blog!

Early in 2012, the IB embarked on a holistic, collaborative and rigorous review process, to examine every aspect of the PYP, from its founding principles and philosophy to its practical operation and support for delivery of the programme. As part of that process we have, with your help, examined the purpose and function of both […]

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