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The four writers

The transformative nature of an IB education

By Charmagne Braden What came out of taking this risk was truly amazing. A fully student-led theatrical production. I am often asked, when speaking with prospective parents and students, to explain what makes an IB education so incredibly special. When I hear this question, I usually turn to my colleague in the counseling department (and co-presenter), and […]


Simple tips for building a team

Collaboration is a fundamental part of the learning experience and, here at the IB, we talk about it a lot. Whether it’s teacher collaboration, student collaboration, teacher-student collaboration, IB collaboration with our community of educators, parents, and other organizations and experts, the list goes on. We like to define collaboration as a social process of knowledge […]

Students from Instituto La Paz meet Malala

Students’ initiative influences Mexican Senate

A campaign to amend educational laws to ensure girls have equal access to education is making a big impact. One in four girls will marry before their 18th birthday in Mexico. There is anecdotal evidence that girls, some as young as 12 in rural areas, are forced into early marriage because of poverty and pressure […]


Persuading others to preserve wildlife

Proudly telling the world about #generationIB in our 50th anniversary year PYP students convince community to save endangered species A trip to the zoo turned into an ongoing service project for Primary Years Programme (PYP) students at St Ann Catholic School, in West Palm Beach, USA. As part of the ‘Sharing the Planet’ unit, students […]


Libraries in the 21st century: the struggle between perception and reality

It speaks volumes when the man in charge of the world’s fourth-biggest public library insists digital technologies are an opportunity rather than a threat to libraries. In an interview with Forbes Magazine, Anthony W Marx, president of New York Public Library, countered fears that they were dying.

Revealing the real Rwanda

Proudly telling the world about #generationIB in our 50th anniversary year Neysa Sanghavi’s The Study Rwanda Project aims to transform common misconceptions associated with the country and lift refugees out of poverty When IB Diploma Programme (DP) student Neysa Sanghavi first heard about Rwanda in her history and literature class at Singapore International School in […]

An ‘overwhelming show’ of support from the whole community

Proudly telling the world about #generationIB in our 50th anniversary year An IB World School in Puerto Rico was badly affected by Hurricane Maria. But that didn’t stop teachers and students helping local communities to rebuild and recover Hurricane Maria brought brutal devastation to the island of Puerto Rico on 20 September 2017. It was […]